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Blah blah Blachernae? Booo….

It was brought to my attention…well, I brought it to my own attention, that the book takes place kinda sorta in maybe the wrong palace for the Imperials to be living in for the period. Rather than the Boukoleon, they were in the Blachernae, which, rather than being shiny waterfront property, is set  further back […]

Check this link out:

For any other Byzantinophiles out there (yes, I just made up a word), fans of art, history, art history, and all of the above: This very talented woman is posting a series of drawings she is doing around Istanbul, including Hagia Sophia, the ruins of the Boukoleon, and other parts of the city. I’m […]

The site actually has content, now.

Hurray for content! Draft is still in the hands of the proofreader, and one publisher.  Waiting is the hardest part…so I’m working more on the sequel, or rather, trying to outline what I want to do with it, rather than writing from the seat of my pants as I did with Of Summer and Winter, […]

2nd Draft in the Hole!

Yowsa! It took me a month to reach a 2nd draft I liked, now it’s in the capable hands of my proofreader. I also submitted the manuscript to the first publisher. Holy crap, kids, this is really going to happen! And yes, working website is working. I’m still missing pages, but I’ll get there.  The […]