Blah blah Blachernae? Booo….

It was brought to my attention…well, I brought it to my own attention, that the book takes place kinda sorta in maybe the wrong palace for the Imperials to be living in for the period. Rather than the Boukoleon, they were in the Blachernae, which, rather than being shiny waterfront property, is set  further back on the peninsula where it’s cornered by the Golden Horn and Theodosian Land Walls. It’s very medieval looking and I don’t like it, so I’m not changing the story. The Boukoleon is the original, and better, setting, and therefore it will remain there.

They don’t call this genre “Fiction” for nothing!

This faux pas as been added to the “historical notes” section, it attempts to cover my butt when the inevitable snob comes looking for trouble.

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