One day, I’ll post more. Starting today.

So things are moving far more slowly than I wanted to over on the writing front. This is what happens when you’re in the final throws of graduate school, and your academic writing i taking up the time that should be used for more fun fiction writing.


Just kidding, kids. School is important.

However, rather than allowing this blog to continue to stale, I’ve decided to start doing regular content updates of my life rather than just writing or art related news, because as you see, without news, there are no posts. So yes, look forward to a whole new kind of Angband/ to come your way shortly. Probably sooner than you think.

Don’t forget to check out my other social media outlets on Twitter at @angbandcreative, Instagram at @angbandcreative, and Facebook at Feel free to also visit my sister blog for my SCA persona and research at

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