In other more random news: a fashion rant.

I was going to waste my afternoon catching up on Star Wars: Rebels,  but I actually have to do laundry and pack my husband’s dress uniforms to send across the country. School starts in 2 weeks, and then it’s once again all downhill from there. At least I can say I accomplished utterly nothing over my winter break besides mourning musical geniuses and ensuring domestic tranquility by supporting the US Postal Service. I should really get a few pages down on SOMETHING, I only have three manuscripts open on my desktop as we speak. Blah.

I didn’t want to like Rebels, I didn’t! I thought it was juvenile Disney crap, and well, even know I’m not wrong, it’s VIOLENT juvenile Disney crap that’s well written and fulfills my vein-slapping need for Star Wars material.  I do have friends (about 3 of them) that want me to write a Star Wars novel some day. Maybe. I’m not famous, I just internet and procrastinate a lot. Especially when I’m attempting to find new shoes online.

We to discuss the lack of fashionable mid-calf motorcycle boots for us bitches with big calves. Sure, I can get wide calf boots, and then all the extra material scrunches around my ankles in the most unsexy way possible.  There are women who are athletes with big calves, damnit, shoe stores. Make me boots! Make me boots that do not pool around my ankles as a sacrifice to the Taekwondo tree-trunk legs!  Also, I’m at the age where I’m finding slouch boots, suede boots, and any type of boot that makes your toes look like a baked potato ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I value the toasty warm feeling that Uggs and knock off Uggs provide, I’m a fan, but I’m also not 21 years old drinking a Pumpkin Spice latte in a Northface jacket. You look half dressed, wear real boots. I love my Doc Martens, but they take a year to lace up, and since I ruined my last pair in the balmy tropical climate of New England, I’m trying to not turn the 14 eyes I have into salt logged nightmares.

All  I want is a pair of boots. 😦

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