The world lost an entire color today.

It’s a hell of a day to begin making regular posts on a blog during which your impetus is the death of a pop culture icon. Fortunately, I either keep the best company in the world, or the entire world is mourning the loss that is David Bowie.

I already got my door knocked on for playing the Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust too loudly. Shut up, neighbors, I don’t care about you. My taste in music and mourning is tantamount to your complaints.

Ironically, it appears that Bowie’s mic drop was ensuring that a good half of my friends on Facebook and Twitter woke up with one of his tracks before he blasted back off to his home constellation. I’m cool with that. Though I’ll probably never take my thyroid medication in the morning without hearing Space Oddity for now on. Ugh.

Life isn’t fair.


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