A Creative Writing Exercise

I just picked up Wil Wheaton’s thrown gauntlet. See his original post here: http://wilwheaton.net/2016/01/whats-this-guys-story/

Here’s the guy:


I have only 150 words. And GO:


Martin put in the glasses and looked in the mirror.

“No.” He resigned, and shook his head, “I think the point of being a private investigator is looking far more inconspicuous. The aviators, I just…” he sighed and removed them, “I’m really over the Maverick and Goose look. It’s so 1986.”

Erika approached from the corner, her svelte frame reflected within the full length mirror behind him. Her fine tailored suit clung to her body, and her FBI page caught the light of the hotel room for a brief moment as she came to his side.

“But this is what they’re wearing in Miami.” She feigned removing a piece of lint from his shoulder, “The pink pants, blue sweater, all of it. This, is how we will find who kidnapped the minister’s daughter.”

After all, human trafficking was a serious offense,  enough for Martin to put back on the glasses.

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