Non-Stop Disco

So, while I was at U-Con, San Diego Comic-Con International badges went on sale.


And I got one.

Well, two. I got a 4 day badge for myself, and Saturday and Sunday for my husband, because his work schedule will make it difficult to go the other days. But yes.

I have just done something thought impossible for first timers. I have been elevated to god-status in the nerd community. So much that it resulted in a victory lap at U-Con. (A well deserved one, mind you.)

Now, I was already accepted into the Comic-Con art show last month, this would have allowed me to have a special pass to drop off/pick up artwork that they will hang in the gallery, but not in the show itself. Now I’m going to be hanging my stuff at SDCC and actually freaking going.

Sweet baby Jesus, the gravity of this situation just slammed into me. This art cannot suck. I already have ideas, but it cannot suck. I have 4×4′, and it cannot suck. In the meantime, I have to finish my semester and MOVE from Portsmouth, NH to San Diego. This art cannot suck.

What have I done?!


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