I did an art.

In the promise of becoming more active on social media, I am failing spectacularly. However, since I relocated, I am at least trying to keep myself busy. Comic-Con International, the big one, the mothership, San Diego herself, is around the corner and I’m displaying in the art show (NOT artist alley.) Therefore, I’ve had to up my game a bit in preparation for this show.

I haven’t actually used a tablet in years. I went on a strike of sorts back in the mid 2000s where I flat out refused to comply to the digital art movement and wanted to stick with traditional media. This is all well and good, but it’s really not what’s “in” right now. Digital art certainly has its benefits, such as no mess, easy repairs and changes, and the use of layers which makes coloring easier. The system itself is not “easier” in the long run, and it is pretty damn common to spend the same amount of time, if not more, on a digital piece, as perfection is expected.

Well, I’m not a fan of being perfect. I like my sketchy hot messes. I also got a digital pen display with my tax refund that I haven’t been able to touch since February, just because of my school hours. School is over now. Time to draw again. With the bulk of my supplies still taking their sweet time wheeling across the country, I decided to pop the monitor on, since I brought it with me in the car.

This is the result. Not bad for not doing anything 100% digital since 2004.


An unwatermarked version will be on display at the Comic-Con International Art Show, and prints are available through my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngbandCreative

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