The Irony and the Ecstasy

There’s no real heavy reason I used that title, I just liked it.

First and foremost, I suck at updating this thing.

Second and secondmost, I’m doing arts again. And writings, but I’ll get to writings.

I had to send in verification materials to gain professional access at a couple of conventions coming up, and although I didn’t barrel through any work, It did remind me that I needed to make a few announcements about up and comings.


Yes, dat’s right, Ang is doodling again. My friend Rich back in Boston got this story over to me, and asked me to draw it for him. The last time I worked on something Hmmmm8-9-10yearsago I was part of a team. I did some inking and cleaning up. This go around he asked me to draw the whole damn thing. And me, I’m like, suuuuuuuuuuure! Who else is with us?!


“Oh, you can’t do all of this yourself?”

Oy vey. So, at Comic-Con this last July, I devoured as many how-to sessions I could. Yes, kids, there’s more to do at cons than cosplay, so I could up my game, dust the rust off, and say, “Okay, yeah, sure. I can do this. Totes. I got the Photoshops and the Clip Studio Paint formerly known as Manga Studio, when do we start?”

We started right away.

So I am most pleased to announce that I will be the chief and only doodler for this upcoming serialized piece next year entitled, “Lucid.” I can’t tell you what it’s about, just yet, but as you can see, it’s a bit dark. And rough looking. I swear, that’s a spear, not a broom. This has improved since I made the drop.


There’s a story here, I’m tellin’ ya, and it’s gonna be yuuuuuuuuge.

You know what else? There’s more.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Don’t ask me for a release date, though. Since I’m doing it totally independently, I expect it to take the better part of a decade to push out unless I get some serious funding, and uh, hahaha. No. I have a graduate degree to pay off, and so far I’m doing it really well with my husband’s paycheck and a very part-time gig at a local museum.

But new stuff! My first new stuff since the last new stuff! Let’s just hope I can push through, because I really want to give the Alexiad a solid graphic novel treatment. Or go down trying. Time will only tell.

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