I: Of Summer and Winter

Everyone has that place they go to in their imagination, in this case, it’s 11th Century Constantinople. “Of Summer and Winter” is the result of giving a hopeless romantic a pen.

A dynastic shift in the Imperial line of Rome shakes up the life of Anna, a lady of the high court and princess by marriage. On her return to the capital a year after the murder of her husband, court intrigue takes little time to set in, and Anna finds herself a prisoner within the palace walls. There she meets Ragnvaldr, a Varangian guardsman assigned to ensure she does not attempt to escape. What happens next is a series of events that spiral out of control, until the chance to finally break free is presented.

This isn’t just a tale of romance, it’s one of political strife, loyalties, and the vast cultural diversities of medieval Europe on the brink of the First Crusade. Proving that Constantinople was the very crossroads of East, West, North, and South.


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