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Oh, well, and then there was a Patreon.

I’ve been gently urged over the last year or so to create my own Patreon page. I figured I didn’t need the money, so I kept pushing the idea aside. I changed my mind, even if I’m still convinced it’s a form of panhandling. I’ve had luck with Kickstarter, though , so, why not? You […]

The Irony and the Ecstasy

There’s no real heavy reason I used that title, I just liked it. First and foremost, I suck at updating this thing. Second and secondmost, I’m doing arts again. And writings, but I’ll get to writings. I had to send in verification materials to gain professional access at a couple of conventions coming up, and […]


A couple of things: 1: No, the 2nd book isn’t out yet. I know you guys think I’m George RR Martin or something, but in actuality, this takes a lot of work. I’ve decided to go back and re-write a couple of chapters, also. Which I should reserve for when it’s done, but I needed […]

Check out this Q&A I just participated in!

My friend Justin Aucoin over at was kind enough to ask me to participate in an author Q&A for his blog! He’s a friend of mine from the SCA who also writes some great short stories. Definitely check out his work!   Thanks for the opportunity, Justin!

RI Comic Con was great PLUS Kickstarter!

I had another successful weekend at RI Comic Con a few weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to be a huge market for prose, but books did sell, and as always, I met a lot of really great people. I am looking forward to next year. Also, I’ve officially started my Kickstarter for the next book! […]

IndieGogo LIVE! I have some really great perks up for this campaign, so I hope that everyone pitches in and/or shares the link!  This doesn’t just support the sequel, it is going to support my entire studio that needs some serious upgrades. Please read my blurb and tell me what you think!

Will be starting my next fundraiser soon!

Look for information on how YOU can pitch in to bring “The Overcast of Autumn” to print next Fall, coming soon!

Last chance to get it free on Kindle, opening up to all formats soon!

Starting tomorrow through Sunday, it’s the last chance to get the book free on Kindle. After that, I will open the publishing rights to multiple formats including Nook, Sony, Smashwords, etc. So if you didn’t get it on Kindle before, now you can!

Well here we are…

Almost 2 months in, and I can’t complain. Comic Con went very well, sales have since dropped, but that’s to be expected. I’m planning on doing some more pushing after the New Year, but right now I’m focusing on finishing my semester and enjoying the holiday season in Florida with the family shortly thereafter. “Of […]

The first week…

I can’t complain, really. No, I’m not a millionaire, but it’s been a lot of fun getting the book launched. Next weekend brings Rhode Island Comic Con, the full-launch, which I am very excited about. I have a box of books, posters, bookmarks, etc. I’m also going to be bringing some artwork and costume work […]