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I did an art.

In the promise of becoming more active on social media, I am failing spectacularly. However, since I relocated, I am at least trying to keep myself busy. Comic-Con International, the big one, the mothership, San Diego herself, is around the corner and I’m displaying in the art show (NOT artist alley.) Therefore, I’ve had to […]


A couple of things: 1: No, the 2nd book isn’t out yet. I know you guys think I’m George RR Martin or something, but in actuality, this takes a lot of work. I’ve decided to go back and re-write a couple of chapters, also. Which I should reserve for when it’s done, but I needed […]

And we have a paperback!

I received the proof yesterday, and released it to the printers this morning. As soon as the online retailers go live, I will be posting them here, as well as getting the SHOP page finished up, so purchases can be made directly through CreateSpace. WOOHOO!

Because we have no lives and laugh at our own jokes…

There are now “Of Summer and Winter” t-shirts available that I expect absolutely no one to buy. This is what happens when your brother and yourself find yourself in a fit of beer-induced giggles at the idea of ripping off that series of Mary Sue adult vampire novels and their movie merchandising and create your […]

The site actually has content, now.

Hurray for content! Draft is still in the hands of the proofreader, and one publisher.  Waiting is the hardest part…so I’m working more on the sequel, or rather, trying to outline what I want to do with it, rather than writing from the seat of my pants as I did with Of Summer and Winter, […]

Coming soon!

A fully armed and operational website devoted to the book! Hurray! Thanks go out to my Kickstarter supporters for making this possible. 🙂 -Ang