Camp Amache: Day 3

Today we had no rain.
Instead we had hot, but we can work with hot, and were greeted with a beautiful mule deer doe grazing to start our day.

Because of the heat, the DU crew breaks at noon, but we decided to push through with some side projects. While Kylie continued to work on the TLS, I went ahead with attempting digital photogrammetry on a tree branch that was hand-shaped into a seat for a garden feature on another block. I don’t think I did well, only because it was so bright I couldn’t see, and, the camera got hot in the sun. Fast. I think I can do just as well with my cellphone camera and an app, so I will try that approach next.

We were also shown the now-famous Amache roses, which are starting to bloom again at a botanical garden in Denver, but the plants on-site are healthy! Just no buds at the moment. Dr. Clark from DU did say she had one, but is sure that some nearby wildlife poached it. 😦

Once again, the internees did what they could to make things home, and gardens cobbled together with what they could was a constant source of solace.

Most importantly, I was able to get back to the museum and work on the furisode, and, after a donor interview conducted by the DU students, they were able to find me a photo of the young woman in the full furisode and obi. Unfortunately, we do not have the obiage (a layer worn under the obi to pad it out) or the obijime (cord over the obi), so I would have to dress it without, after finally getting successful scans of the open garment. (I’m sitting here watching it attempting to align, there will be an update at the end of this post.)

I managed to tie the obi, but then after showing the dear helper friend Lee, they said it should be folded in half for the right fit. It’s called a maru-obi. They were much more common pre-WWII, but now you really only see them for extremely formal occasions, like weddings.

The plan is for me to work in the museum for most of the day tomorrow doing more scanning of non-textile objects, including barrack furnishings to help Kylie with the interiors of her rendered buildings.

Plan is to be on-site tomorrow by 5am, so I’m off to bed, as soon as this scan aligns.

Update in Morgan Freeman voice: The scans did not, in fact, align.

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