Behind the Iron Fortress


My real name is Angela, most people call me Ang (Anj). My middle name is Lee. I am not related to Ang Lee, Robert E. Lee, or the principal from Daria. I called my first apartment “Angband” and I haven’t stopped since.

Angband under Gaslamp. Angband Beyond the Pineapple. Angband North of the Wall, and the Angband Republic have all been a thing, and they’ve all been the tongue-in-cheek name of my personal space. Be it a studio apartment or actual dedicated art space. It’s my own Iron Fortress, I am Melkor, laying waste to my own Beleriand, or something.

But what is it, exactly, that I do?

The answer is everything, and absolutely nothing, depending on how I feel. I am an accomplished artist, published author, published historian, and a general high maintenance hot mess with chronic illness and a bad temper. I am married to a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy, and after getting dragged from coast to coast in the name of national security and shenanigans, he was diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of cancer we are currently fighting. It’s fun, really, everybody should try it (spoiler, it really sucks.)

We have no kids, but do have a rescue Nebelung cat named Harald Hardrada. We adopted him to keep me company, but he’s really just as anxious as I am, so we mostly stare at and complain about life to one another all day.

I’m a PhD student at the University of South Florida at the ripe old age of 40 and regret nothing having returned to my hometown after almost 20 years elsewhere. My BA is from the University of Rhode Island, and my MA is from the University of New Hampshire. I also hold a professional designation in Collections Management in Costume and Textiles from California State University: Long Beach. Somewhere in the bowels of my memory, I have an AS in Interactive Media from a for-profit art college that no longer exists that put me in a lot of debt. Unfortunately, I was past the statute of limitations to do anything about it when loan protections went into place. My opinions do not reflect that my my schools or my employers.

I am pretty rabid fan of Tampa Bay all things, the Lightning and Rays mostly. The Bulls are currently very meh. #hornsup

This blog is just an avenue for my high weirdness. I’ll post art, history, writings, rantings, and some of the pure absurdities that is my life.

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