About the Creator-Person

                                             Angela L. Costello

“Of Summer and Winter”, despite being a breakthrough work, is more than fiction. It’s based on life, an alternate reality that only a hopeless romantic medievalist could live in the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization that Angela has been a part of since her teenage years. It focuses on a period in history often forgotten by writers and the world as a whole ( The Byzantine Empire is often referred to as the “Forgotten Empire”) and brings you back to a time and place where Roman decadence struggles to survive into the Middle Ages, and cultures clash between North, South, East, and West as the Church splits, paganism wanes, and strife grows with the Muslim-occupied Holy Land.

Angela, who goes by Ang more casually, has been a Classical and Medieval enthusiast for as long as she can remember, and thinks that the modern world could probably learn a lot by going back and looking at our past, and analyzing just exactly what kind of mess we have evolved into. Her favorite time periods are the Roman Empire (both Classical and Byzantine!) and the late Italian Renaissance.

In addition to writing, Ang has been drawing for most of her life. She has contributed to a variety of projects over time, but finds herself best motivated by drawing marginalia on notes being taken at rather adult conferences. Her preferred fanart genres are Star Wars and Marvel, but she also draws predominantly her own characters, and is working on forming her own indie comic business with fellow writer, Richard Lockett.

She has a degree in Interactive Media from the International Academy of Design in Tampa, Florida, a BA in History with a minor in Classical Studies from the University of Rhode Island, and an MA in History: Museum Studies from the University of New Hampshire. She currently lives in San Diego, California.

Feeling generous? Contribute to her Patreon, here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=781521 


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