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In other more random news: a fashion rant.

I was going to waste my afternoon catching up on Star Wars: Rebels,  but I actually have to do laundry and pack my husband’s dress uniforms to send across the country. School starts in 2 weeks, and then it’s once again all downhill from there. At least I can say I accomplished utterly nothing over […]

Just a happy little update!

After 2 rejections, rushed applications, tears, and moving 100 miles, I have been admitted and accepted an offer of admission to the University of New Hampshire’s History-Museum Studies MA program. You may now go back to your literary adventures. 🙂

School is tough, new blog for history buffs.

I’m had to take a hiatus from working on the sequel to further my academic mind this semester. However, never fear! It is coming, I promise. I also have a newish blog I’ve been working on for my participation in the SCA. You can find it just a hop away at

Normans VS Byzantines…ugh.

In the story, the visiting Norman palmers (pilgrims to the Holy Land, not necessarily crusaders) aren’t terribly welcome by the new emperor. One of the reasons why is that the Normans, after taking Sicily, inflicted heavy damage on the Byzantine army and nearly destroyed the ranks of the Varangian Guard during the Battle of Dyrrhachium […]

Blah blah Blachernae? Booo….

It was brought to my attention…well, I brought it to my own attention, that the book takes place kinda sorta in maybe the wrong palace for the Imperials to be living in for the period. Rather than the Boukoleon, they were in the Blachernae, which, rather than being shiny waterfront property, is set  further back […]

Check this link out:

For any other Byzantinophiles out there (yes, I just made up a word), fans of art, history, art history, and all of the above: This very talented woman is posting a series of drawings she is doing around Istanbul, including Hagia Sophia, the ruins of the Boukoleon, and other parts of the city. I’m […]

2nd Draft in the Hole!

Yowsa! It took me a month to reach a 2nd draft I liked, now it’s in the capable hands of my proofreader. I also submitted the manuscript to the first publisher. Holy crap, kids, this is really going to happen! And yes, working website is working. I’m still missing pages, but I’ll get there.  The […]