Camp Amache: Day 4

Today was my museum day.

I started off with moving the TLS with Kylie at 5:30am, and then arrived at the museum at 8am to begin structured light scanning objects from the collection that would benefit the most from increased public interaction and also benefit Kylie’s reconstruction project.

Holy early. This is why caffeine was invented.

I completed the scanning of the fully-dressed mannequin first, with the obi after some adjustments to make it look more correct, and was able to discover more information about our young woman. Her name was Umeko Shimizu, and a cursory search by a friend discovered her publicly available online records. She was born in 1934 in Colusa County, California, and imprisoned at Granada on September 8th, 1942. She was released on October 15, 1945 and moved to Sacramento, and became a typist in the 1950s. She was just 8 years old when imprisoned, 11 when released. Her name is quite a common one, alas, and she shares it with an anime character. I can’t find any obituary, so it’s possible she may still be alive. I do hope she found peace.

After that, I moved on to a baby’s crib, which was challenging, but I successfully completed a test alignment, so I knew it would work out. Kylie chose an end table made from materials sourced from the site and scanned that.

Other objects included 2 suitcases, one in the traditional linen-wrapped straw Japanese fashion, and another that was a more typical western style with some unique stickers on it.

This chest of drawers is an absolute masterpiece, and its signed by the maker, as a gift to their grandchild.

The high school letterman sweater is also in great condition, and another testament to the striving for ‘normality’ under imprisonment. It concluded my day after having some difficulty getting the sleeves since they were pressed flat, and the mannequin arms were too big for the garment.

Looking forward to our last full day tomorrow, more museum time for me, but also finally getting a chance to work with the few structures on the site.


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