Camp Amache: Day 6, and headed home on Day 7.

Our last full day in the area had me in the hotel room all day processing structured light scans into completed models. I was able to get 3 fully rendered, and others close but needing additional software I did not have access to.

This is a short video I made to share with the University of Denver crew that graciously hosted us.

I did take a walk in the afternoon to visit the center of the town of Lamar where we were staying, and checked out its snippet of railroad history at the visitor’s center attached to the functioning train station for Amtrak while processing did its thing.

Kylie finished her field work, and we emptied the car to find an interesting, if not spooky, shape of a hand holding a pen or brush on the back of the car. I asked Kylie if she did it, but it looked pretty muddy and we were both careful not to get into the dirt with the equipment. Perhaps a message from the spirits still in the camp? It’s okay to be skeptical, but that’s a heck of a mud spatter, it even has knuckle lines.

Is someone telling us to tell their story?

This morning, June 27th, we went and said our goodbye. There’s still so much work to do, but we hope this project will aid is finally bringing justice and light to this extremely dark period in United States History.

Never forget.
Never again.


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