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Camp Amache: Day 6, and headed home on Day 7.

Our last full day in the area had me in the hotel room all day processing structured light scans into completed models. I was able to get 3 fully rendered, and others close but needing additional software I did not have access to. This is a short video I made to share with the University […]

Camp Amache: Day 5

Today was our final full day in the field. Unfortunately, it appears we are losing tomorrow to rain, so we’re relegating it to processing and relaxing/catching up on needed sleep here in the hotel before we fly out of Denver back to Tampa on Monday. I can’t believe how fast this trip went, how much […]

Camp Amache: Day 4

Today was my museum day. I started off with moving the TLS with Kylie at 5:30am, and then arrived at the museum at 8am to begin structured light scanning objects from the collection that would benefit the most from increased public interaction and also benefit Kylie’s reconstruction project. I completed the scanning of the fully-dressed […]

Camp Amache: Day 3

Today we had no rain.Instead we had hot, but we can work with hot, and were greeted with a beautiful mule deer doe grazing to start our day. Because of the heat, the DU crew breaks at noon, but we decided to push through with some side projects. While Kylie continued to work on the […]

Camp Amache: Day 2

Weather continued to not be in our favor, but we covered as much ground with the TLS as we could. In the morning, we opted to scan the garden feature that is being excavated by DU first, this way they have a visual of the location before removing layers of dirt. Despite the rain, some […]

Amache: Forgotten History. (Day 1)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to start this blog off. I reset it back in November (2021) and was planning on posting about my cemetery adventures for a course I was taking, and that never happened. Then, during the spring semester, I started my work on 3D scanning of garments and textiles, also […]